Hey, this is Denisa, 
Welcome to my blog. I've been writing here for almost 6 years and still counting. Most of the time I only posted rants and complains about life because we all need that one place to spill out the trash and anxieties in our brain or else we'll get explode due to too much stresses. LOL... Just kidding. But seriously.

Sometimes, I posted secret love letters / poems for someone whom I feel very strong emotion with aka secret crush, and over the years, 'he' has been changing for multiple times. You know, because I keep meeting new people, fall in love, broken heart, move on, fall in love again, and it goes on. So maybe, just maybe... one of my love poems / letters were written for you.. *winkss

Denisa Prameswari Rosandria is the name. My father invented the name Rosandria, no one has that name but me, only me :) You can call me Denden, Denis, Caca, Nisa, Isaka... it doesn't matter as long as you don't use insulting words :p I often refer to myself as a failed writer because I think all of my writings are failures that I need to always improve. When I look at others, I realized how lame my writing is compared to them, hahaha. I won't stop learning!

I'm not a kind of person who will shout your name when I met you on the street, or act excitedly when I'm in such a great moment. I have a hard time to concentrate or focus on school stuffs even until now, and I'm terrified with transition or new environment.

I'm not really good with people, especially new people. But once I take you as bestfriend, I'll keep you forever. I always try to enjoy and treasure every little thing in my life because that's the only thing that's left for me now.

I am a...
- Muslim
- Nerd
- Auxiliary 2010
- Mabiters
- Amateur singer
- Maximilian
- Chorister
- Writer
- Lonely Soldier
- Lazy student
- Amateur Painter
- Loyal friend
- Hardcore Lover
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