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Pink & Gray (J-Movie)

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

As soon as I came back to Hey!Say!JUMP fandom, I found out that Yuto Nakajima has stepped further into acting industry. He is one of my favorite actors in JUMP and what makes me even happier is the fact that his debut in the big screen as the lead role is this movie: PINK & GRAY, a movie adaptation from Shigeaki Kato's novel. If you're a fan of Johnny's Entertainment, you sure know that this novel was Shige's debut in literary work, the first Johnny talent to debut as writer to be exact. I even congratulated him on my post. But I left the fandom after that and completely lost with everything. I love Hey! Say! JUMP and NEWS, so there's no way I'd skip this movie since it's the combination work of my two favorite fandom. Hmm, this preface is already longer than I plan.

It is hard not to write some spoilers because half of the movie actually contain secrets and plot twist. I don't want people who's going to watch it for the first time lose that surprised feeling from the plot twist either. Unless you've already read the novel.

This movie is split into two colors, which represents the past and present. The one with colors (Pink) is the past, and the one in black and white (Gray) is present. It was confusing at first but it kept you curious to watch it 'til you understand what is actually going on. 

PINK - Past
The movie begins with Rengo Shiraki, a famous actor, who was preparing to commit suicide, but he leaves 6 wills letters for his childhood bestfriend, Daiki Kawata / Riva-chan before he died. It was already too late when Daiki came and tried to release him from the tightropes. Daiki had to choose one of the wills from Rengo. Daiki's fate seemed to hinge on this choice, to some extent it does, and doesn't. Rengo had an older sister who committed suicide during her Ballet performance in front of Rengo's eyes. Whether this influenced Rengo's decision to do the same thing later or not will be answered later at the end of the movie.

Daiki and Rengo's friendship began when Daiki moved to the same apartment and became Rengo's neighbor. And together with a neighborhood girl named Sally (Kaho), the trio became the best of friends who survived turbulent years of adolescence. Rengo excels at arts and looks, and popular among ladies. Daiki felt both admiration and envy towards him, especially when Daiki found himself attracted to Sally, but the girl seemed to show more affection to Rengo. One day, the two boys scouted by a model agency and started working as extras. Then Rengo made the leap to acting and soon after, stardom, while the less-confident and, less-talented Daiki stews in the apartment they share. 

Rengo aware of Daiki's insecurities, tried to help him get more jobs as extras on his dramas or movies, but Daiki was never able to give good performance because he felt pressured with Rengo's presence at the scene. Desperate and enraged, Daiki overlook Rengo's help and said he didn't want to stay with the current Rengo. Rengo didn't argue and just left the apartment without any words, while Daiki poured his anxieties and feelings to Sally. They both had never seen Rengo again for the next three years.

Three years later
The two bestfriends reunited at Highschool class reunion. Daiki hesitated to greet his ex-bestfriend who has become a big star and gained so much attention at the reunion, but Rengo approached him first, and at that very same night, they were back to become bestfriends, as if all of the dramas and fights few years ago never happened. That night, while the two of them drunk and reminiscing the good old days, Rengo promised Daiki that he would exchange place with him the next day. Daiki didn't understand Rengo's words since he's drunk and forgot about it right away. The next day, Rengo asked Daiki to visit his apartment at night. Daiki was too happy for finally reconciled with Rengo. He came to Rengo's apartment that night to have some fun talk and drink just as Rengo asked him before, only to find out that Rengo has committed suicide and left him with 6 wills letters....

GRAY - Present
After Rengo's death, Daiki wrote a biography novel about him, just like what Rengo wish in one of his wills that Daiki choose. This biography novel about Rengo Shiroki has gained Daiki the popularity that he's always wanted. The novel is adapted into the movie and Daiki was asked to portray one of the three leading roles. While watching his and Rengo's story through the big screen, Daiki realized that there was something that Rengo hides from him. Why did Rengo commit suicide? Why did he leave such troublesome suicide notes? Daiki who's just got into the showbiz world also learned that everything around him is more complicated and everyone wears a mask. 

Being a star doesn't always mean happiness. How did Rengo feel during all those years in showbiz world? How did he feel about the friendship between them? Daiki realized that he doesn't understand Rengo at all, despite of the fact that they were bestfriends since childhood, Rengo never told him what's on his mind. Struggling to come to terms with Rengo’s suicide as well as with fame he can’t really call his own, Daiki sets out to discover the truth behind his friend’s death. Daiki learned that human is such a complex creature. No one really knows about anyone else except themselves.

This movie is surprisingly heavy and confusing when I first watched it, but it kept me curious. I cried a lot too, maybe the image of Yuto secretly hides something that makes him suffer actually hurt me a little. I'm feel like I can relate to both Rengo and Daiki's pain to some extent, but at the same time, there are moments when I don't understand him at all. Japan is really in different level when it comes to thriller, suspense, psychological genre. I was speechless when the movie ended. I'm also amazed by Shige as the writer of this story.

By the way, as Hey!Say!JUMP fan who is so used to see Yuto's innocent, dorky image, this movie has totally changed my perspective towards him. I always know that Yuto is a great actor but I just never expect that the day will come when he's finally taking these kind of roles and play some hardcore scenes, LOL. But he's undoubtedly and arguably great in portraying these roles and it made me respect him more now. I'm glad that this movie is his first debut on the big screen.

PS: All of the gifs were taken from tumblr and google. Feel free to message me if you want to be credited or want me to take it down. Jaa :)

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

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addin farhani said...

agree with you... i also think that yuto has surpass the others in acting field nee~~~ (^^,) btw this post really make curious about that movie..(^^,) I really need to watch it...!!

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

Addin Farhani: yeah, he's really a promising actor. I wish Hikaru whom I think has talent in acting will get the chance to broaden experience in the acting world as well, though.

Abby Ryosuke said...

Right??!! Just his smoking was shocking for me..then came the girls with boobs showing then deep kissing and bed scene!! I almost had a heart attack..but jump is getting older and older,no surprise they'll get scenes like this.. Congrats to Yutti!! Though if i ever meet him i wont be able to look him in the eye..��
Wonder how his fans think bout this,though he's not my ichiban i'm quiet there news about how his fans react? The fans are pretty scary with just a 'chu' Ryosuke did.. just hope he dont get scenes like thia too ��

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

Abby Ryosuke: Hey Abby, sorry for such a late reply. Yes, it did made us shocked, and he's one of my favorites too, but I'm not envy or jealous though, I think it proves that he can do any roles and scenes and improved his ability in becoming a professional actor. And I haven't read any news about angry fans regarding the scenes in the movie. I guess they are just as shocked as we are, but they accepted that Yuto is growing up and they took it well. I only have heard praises from some professional critics :D

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