Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Letter For A Bestfriend

Things have changed between us
We're no longer laughed together
We don't call each other anymore
I don't even know what are you to me now?
Or what am I to you now?

Maybe it was my decision to leave you
Maybe I'm just being selfish
Maybe I should be more forgiving
Maybe I should be more understanding

But you don't even try to hold me from leaving
You don't even try to call me and ask, "what's wrong?"
You are fine with my absence
You still laugh the same way 'though it's not with me

I wish I could turn back time
I wish I could save you from your mistakes
I wish I could protect you from your sins
I wish I could be there when you needed me

But, aren't we all sinners?
Who am I judging you from your mistakes?
I made mistakes too
So, why can't I just forgive you for yours?

Maybe I'm just being selfish again
Maybe because you never ask for it
Maybe I'm just not a good person
Or maybe... you just don't want to be saved

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