Friday, February 12, 2016

To The One We Love the Most

What have we done to you? How could we let the tears fell from your eyes? We're sorry that we didn't lift up to your expectations in education or work. We choose the work we love and we prefer to be independent, do everything on our own feet. When we told you that want to make your life easier, how could those intentions hurt you so bad? How could you never try to understand that all we're trying to do is to build our own pride and confidence by being a little more independent. We're no longer kids, we're trying to prepare the life of our own. We need you. We will always need you. But, not in materialistic things only. The things that make us stand strong up until now is your love, prayer, and support to us. Your strength and independence in working so hard to bring us this far is the thing that inspired us to become independent as well. We want to be like you. 

Don't you understand that we love you so much to the point that we can't bear to see you burden all of our needs by yourself? We have been watching you for so long, your hardwork and so many things you have done for us. You're our inspiration. We want to help you a little bit by being able to support ourselves on our own at least. But you take that as something that disrespect you. You're hurt by that. You keep blaming us everyday and tell us that we don't need you. Eventhough we tell you each time that we will always need you. But what we need is your support and faith in us. Morally and mentally. That's the strongest thing that we need from you. We need it so much. We need your kind words and faith in us, we need your prayer and support in us. So, please let us learn to support our materialistic needs on our own, while you keep pushing us to move forward and reach our dreams. 

When we said that we don't want to burden you, there is no intention to hurt you nor to disrespect your pride, nor even to underestimate you. We're sorry if that have hurt you. We love you so much. We want to make your life a little bit easier, eventhough we will never be able to pay you back, no matter how much we work hard our entire life, the things you give to us are irreplaceable and will forever be the reasons for us to keep on living. So, please. Forgive us for our intention. Forgive us for never succeed in bringing happiness into your life. And thank you for still standing next to us, no matter how disappointment of children we are to you, thank you for keep staying with us.

We love you
We love you so much
But we're sorry if our love hurt you instead
We didn't mean it to hurt you
We're sorry
We're sorry, Mom

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