Sunday, February 28, 2016

Music and Me?

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

Eventhough I'm blessed with musical talents from my Dad's blood and my mother put me in a lot of artistic and musical courses/events, I'm not really into music. Or should I say, I'm no longer passionate about it. Unlike most of my friends who are so passionate about music to the point that they remember so many songs, and always stay updated with the newest hits and eager to perform in front of people.

I love music, it's definitely one of my favorite escape from reality, but to me, that's what music is all about now. A beautiful escape that could make me wander to the most beautiful fantasy, and lift up my spirit to the new world. When it comes to music, just like with my social life, I only have very few favorite musics that I could listen for so many times, because it reflects my feeling, and some of them were so meaningful because they remind me of few experiences and unforgettable events in the past, or to certain someone and story.

I do enjoy performing, but not really passionate about it, maybe because I'm shy and I'm feel like want to throw up whenever I'm on stage by myself, so I kinda give up with dream of become a star on stage, lol. Not only because I felt awkward most of the time, but because I can't memorize so many songs like most of performers did. Or maybe I just don't want to because I'm lazy. Oh well...

Anyway, here's the list of few of my favorite songs and why they stuck in my head and make me giggle on the inside whenever I listen to it.

1. First Love 
This was probably the first English song that I could memorize, 'cause I used to hate English. When I was in Elfa's, my coach gave me this song at our first rehearsal. I have a special spot for 'the first time' related things lol,

2. Reflection
This was the first English song that I performed in front of audience. Elfa's held some kind of concert every 3 months and everyone should perform solo. I really like this song because it was, you know, another first time experience for me to perform on real stage with real audience. Also, as I grow up, I learn about the song and I could related to it. I don't even have to tell you why I felt related to this song. Just listen to the lyrics LOL. 

3. Memory
I was just the background singer for this song with many of teenagers in Elfa's, performing medley Jellicles Cat and Memory. It was one of the best memories I had in Elfa's. We rehearsed for a month everyday, and for the first time I got to know about Broadway musical. We performed exactly the same way like the Broadway casts did, with cat's costumes and hair and mask, we danced and sang and acted like insane cats lol. It was fun and I really miss those days. And yes, as I grow up, I learn about this song and its meaning, and again, I felt related to its lyrics, so it's a mixed feeling between sadness and happiness of the good old days.

4. Flying Without Wings
I love Westlife since I was a kid, and I literally had no idea what this song is about when I was a kid, I just simply fell for the music and Mark's voice. And as I grow up and learn about its lyrics, I realized that this song was probably made in heaven. It's really beautiful and tells about so many form of love. And how those things can make us feel like flying without wings.

5. Angel's Wings
Another beautiful piece from Westlife, it tells about a happiness of a father who welcome his newborn baby and put his admiration and love into a beautiful song. If you have special connection with your parents, you'll feel so overwhelmed with this song.

6. Hingga Ujung Waktu
This is still my favorite song from Sheila on 7, and I didn't even understand the meaning behind its poetical lyrics when I was a kid, but I fell for its music and the words. Yes, it's a love song which later I learn and it makes my heart feel warm after I finally understand its fully meaning. I keep thinking that I want this song to be played on my wedding day, hopefully with S07 as the guest star lol.

7. Waktu yang Tepat 'Tuk Berpisah
Again, this is another masterpiece from Sheila on 7, and I couldn't understand its poetical lyrics until recently. I know it's a sad song, but I couldn't really understand it sarcastic yet very poetic lyrics before. Now, that I finally understand, it got me teared up everytime I listen to it, especially because I've had few goodbyes and separation. It tells you a story about goodbye who seemed beautiful, but secretly hide a sad and heartbreaking feeling, and yet you have to stand strong and just let go. 

8. Two is Better than One
This is the soundtrack of my unrequited love for three years during my highschool days and half-of my 1st semester in college, with long distance friend, LOL. The lyrics kinda reflect what happened to me and my crush: I fell in love at the first sight, and I remember all the things about him on our first meeting, and we had this friendship for 3 years, we both had nicknames for each other, and he even made secret account so he could talk to me without making anyone jealous. At that time, I sacrificed a lot of things for him, and even go across the ocean for him (literally). But yeah, it was beautiful unrequited love which make me be a better person at that time. But it ended.  But it was definitely a story that I would cherish because eventhough it was childish and sad, it felt like fairy tale to me ~~

Music is my beautiful escape and each of my favorite song is the soundtrack of certain important events that give me warm feeling whenever I listen to it. The memories come alive and I think this is more than just performing materials. 

See you in the next Music and Me Post...

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb. 

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