Tuesday, December 22, 2015

An Option

What lies beneath this friendship? Is it real or is it just fantasy that you made for me?
Then when you feel like it, you could end it as you please?

Why invited me in the first place and made me believed that what we had was real?
Only to leave me all alone when you found new company?

I could never bear to see the sadness in your eyes, even if it's just a little.
But it seems that it doesn't matter for you to see me breaking?

I stayed awake for you to listen to all your worries.
But you left without even a goodbye once you feel better?

I ask you everyday about your well-being.
But I don't think that I crossed your mind even just a little.

I always have one-sided love
But to have one-sided love in a friendship that I believed was real
was so much more heartbreaking than having my heart torn by the guy I loved

If only I could just leave you as easy as the way you left me
I can't.

Maybe I'm the only one who need you and willing to be with you
in any condition and circumstances
while you only need me when you feel alone

You are my priority, but to you, I'm just an option
And yet, still... I can never leave you

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