Monday, June 1, 2015


For this one matter, I will keep it as my secret
For this feeling, let it be my own treasure
For the first time, I can't share it to anyone
Because you are just that precious
And I'm too afraid of their judgment

I swear I will let you lay on me forever
I will shoulder all of your sadness and fears
I will never leave you
But let it be my secret, you don't have to know
I just want you to feel that you will never be alone

This is my way to show how grateful I am
For all the laugh that you give to me when I can't even smile
You don't know how much that means
To find a reason to smile while fighting my own demon inside
Thank you

I'm just like them, longing for you
Just like them, I adored you
But unlike them, my feeling is true
And I don't need you to give it back to me
I just want to make sure that you will always have a friend

And that's what makes me different from them
Because I will cherish you
And even without me, I want you to be happy
So, I keep your name in my prayers
And ask for God to take care of you

Let it be my secret
For my feeling and for your existence in my life
Let it just be my secret

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