Friday, February 27, 2015

Music and You

You and music are my two favorite things
When you and music becomes one, it turns into a very beautiful thing
You will play the piano or guitar and I will sing for you
And then the world will froze for a moment, there's only you and me

The only thing that's left for me and you is music
Every single song I pick, I sing it for you
When you're not watching, I'm watching you
It's like my eyes were glued on you, they're keeping you in sight

When you're not around, the world around me turns to grey
Friends become strangers, and all colors disappeared
Music stops for a while, the room becomes empty
As if nothing else matters in the world anymore

You are the most beautiful when you're happy
And when I saw you cried the other day, my heart crushed into pieces
That's why your name is in my prayer all the time
Your happiness is what I'm always asking the most from Him

Music is the only thing that's left for me and you
'Cause that's the only thing that makes me close to you
I remember every moment when we sit behind the piano
And you tried your best to learn all the songs I pick

The things that seemed so small to you, become big things for me
I keep counting every moment we shared together
'cause the only thing that's left for me is memory about you
There is no expectation, there's only moment to cherish

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