Thursday, January 1, 2015

Love at the First Sight

Love sparks in the beginning of the most wonderful journey
It was love at the first sight, something I never believed before
You are perfect in your imperfection and I'm captivated
Then, I started walking behind you, watching you lead all of us

I still remember everything about you, even more clearly now
I remember what you wore on the first day we met
I remember the gentle voice of yours when you call out my name
I remember the warm feeling I get whenever I see your smile

The moment when I'm walking beside you
The moment when you're sitting beside me
The moment when we're playfully smirking towards each other 
The moment when we coincidentally got stuck together

You didn't know, because this is just my another one-sided love over again
You didn't know, because you're just too sincere and kind to everyone
You didn't know, because to you, maybe love is only illussion
You didn't know, because you focus your love to God only

We probably will never have continuation of what has never been started
I will probably be the one who thinks of you the most
You will most likely move on with your life and find your loved one
We're probably going back on being strangers

But meeting you is one of the happiest things in my life
It was too short, the time we spent together
But the feelings which grow within me is even bigger than before
I never thought that love could spark in such a short period

You are special that you make it possible to fall in love at the first sight
You are special because you make me wants to make myself better
You are special because your existence reminds me of God
You are special because of the way you are

I don't know what to call this writing, it's not poetry I guess. But I feel the need to let out my feelings. Mekkah and Madinah knows how much I ask and apologize to God because of that overwhelmed feelings I had. This is dedicated to you, the owner of the pen I have now. I hope I will have the chance to return it to you. We're going back to our normal lives, but you will always be special. I will eventually move on, but you will remain as one of the strongest memories in my heart. I will always be grateful because I had the chance to feel your kindness and got to know you. I know from the start that this will be my one-sided love again, because you are just too good to be true, and I'm grateful to meet you... :")

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