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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Neo (Jdrama)

It's been a while since the last time I wrote about Jdrama. I decided to write about Kindaichi 2014 because I got so hooked with this drama. One of those dramas I would re-watch for many times and never get bored. It's a live action drama from famous manga Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo. This has been the xxx times Ryosuke plays the role of detective. I heard the mangaka was especially waiting for him to grow up to play as Kindaichi. How interesting is that :3 If you like comedy, detective, mystery, thriller, and romance mixed as one, this will be your cup of tea.

This drama revolves around a highschool student named Hajime Kindaichi (Ryosuke Yamada). A grandson of famous detective, Kousuke Kindaichi. Hajime has an IQ of 180, but instead of using it to study, he uses his intelligence to analyze the size of woman's boobs (he's pervert indeed, but in a comedy way lol) and doing silly stuffs. Hajime's ability in reading kanji is also very poor that he often mistook the true meaning of the words. Hajime always lives so carefree, but behind his foolishness, Hajime able to solve variety difficult cases, just like his grandfather. That's why he has good relationship with Kenmochi Isamu, the police detective and often helps him solve difficult cases that seemed impossible. Along with his childhood friend, Miyuki Nanase (Haruna Kawaguchi) and his kouhai (junior) Saki Ryuji (Daiki Arioka), Hajime tried to uncover the truth behind many mysteries and murders which happened around him.

The series also highlighted the rivalry between Hajime and Youchi Takato (Hiroki Narimiya), a villain who called himself as the crime producer, puppet master from hell. Takato made the crime scenario to lead those who have grudges on certain people to be able to fulfill their revenge by murdering their enemies in the most horrific way. Takato always able to escape from the police by disguising himself into many different person. He challenged Hajime to solve the mysteries behind the murder tricks he made.

Takato never knew his true father and been abandoned since he was a kid. Hajime somehow believes that Takato has human emotion too behind his evilness, and after some incidents between them, Hajime promised that someday he would find Takato's father.
What makes this drama recommended?
1. Ryosuke's many faces
Ryosuke as Kindaichi is such a dork and stupid and suddenly in one second, he changed into a completely different character: genius and calm. He can be  foolish and cool at the same time, like you want to repeat all of his stupid actions because it's so hilarious but you also want to see his serious side when he solves those mysterious cases. The character he's trying to portray is really entertaining, his foolishness seems so natural and you don't get bored watching him (thanks to his extremely beautiful face too) 😁

2. Hajime and Miyuki's relationship
Romance is not the main focus on this kind of drama, but we can see it clearly that Hajime and Miyuki actually has soft spot for each other, and Hajime is so protective about her. Some silliness between the two childhood friends were shown nicely, it makes you want to have a childhood friend whom you can fall in love with lol. It's not exaggerated, and yet still makes you squealed over their cute chemistry.

3. The cases were based on its original manga
Especially if you're a fan of the manga, you can look forward to see how the stories being adapted into live action. But they also made it different so you can still try to solve the puzzles along with Hajime. This is one of the best detective dramas I have ever watched.

4. Takato's charm despite of his evilness
Hiroki totally makes a good portrayal as the sadistic and evil Takato, but at the same time he can steal your heart with his brilliant acting. The intense look and coldness around him made you scared but you also want to love him on episode 9 when he saved his sister. Hiroki made Takato's character which was scary in the manga becomes more likable.

Japan is the best when it comes to suspense drama, especially thriller and detective ones. You really feel the intense mystery. I can't even watch it at night because it's really scary. I wish they will make the 2nd season for this drama with the same actors, since Ryosuke and Haruna still look like highschool students, and the story is great as well. I still want Akechi character to be adapted in live action too. That would be interesting. And I strongly recommend this drama to everyone. I hope this will be your reference in choosing good Jdramas to watch.

Thank you for reading, bye bye :)

PS: The gifs were taken from tumblr. I worship your ability, tumblr users. Feel free to tell me if you want me to take it down or put credits :)

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