Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two Worlds that Give You Strength

In parallel universe:
A friend decides to disappear due to anxiety and the inability socialize, feeling so negative all the time, he gave up on life and dreams. So, he decides to close the door for everyone and locks himself in a house of solitude. Not long after that, a group of friends who are his bestfriends came to rescue him and make sure that everything's gonna be alright and they will always be there for him. They don't give up on him help him get through the hell called loneliness. The only feedback they want for friendship is the happiness of others.
- Naruto and Sakura to Sasuke
- Akira and Nobuta to Shuji
- Miyuki and Saki to Hajime
- Ron and Hermione to Harry
and so many others

Don't you wish that you could live in parallel universe someday? A world who gives you hope and no matter how many times you fall, you know you can always count on others and believe in them. 

In real life... 
An emo person is meant to be alone. When a friend is gone, it doesn't matter because you will always encounter the new ones who may better than them. If a friend decides to give up, we will think that it is his right to give up and that he knows what he must do to his life, so why bother to ask? People get annoyed with someone who has so much insecurities and thinks that it's not their business to get involve in such dramatic life because everyone has their own problem, so you have to be strong and don't count on others. In real life, even friendship needs feedback: if they are not fun enough or useful enough, we may just become colleague, not friends.

Real life taught us to be strong, because in the end, we are a lonely soldiers. If you give up, no one will pity on you, so you just have to get courage and live on. 

The beauty of friendship in parallel universe does not exist in real life. If you have that kind of friendship, you are lucky and blessed, you must treasure it. But if you don't, you have to survive this life although you are alone. Go travel, buy ice cream, do small things that makes you happier, although you are alone, you can be happy too.

Everyone wish to have the best of both worlds. But if you only have one, at least you have one thing for sure from both world: strength to keep on living. The world that gives you strength from the existence of friendship, and the world that taught you to gain strength from yourself. At last, the most important thing is you can continue living. With or without people.

Jaa... Sayonara :)

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