Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aldrich and James

Few days ago, I came into a youtube video of a young boy singing "Dance With My Father" by Luther Vandross. The first look didn't gave me much expectation, but once he started singing the intro, I got goosebump! And when he finally finished the song, I was already in tears. He sounds amazing. His voice is so crystal clear. With one beautiful acoustic guitar played by his cousin, these two made one incredible team. For me, what made it even more special is the fact that most of his videos are recorded with amateur camera in random places (most of them are inside his house, I guess). Everything looks so simple and modest yet you're still getting that awesome chills because of their awesome musical chemistry and beautiful beautiful voice.

Their names are Aldrich and James from Philippines. Right after he posted this video on youtube, he became a youtube sensation. Few months after this, Aldrich's father passed away because of cancer. This saddening fact made him seize even more attention from people. They've been guesting on Ellen too and has been guesting in a lot of shows since then.

You can check out another cover of his on I promise you won't regret a thing. I spent the rest of the night listening to all of his cover and I never disappointed. So many people are talented, but only few ones who's been gifted to move people's hearts with their voices. He is one of a kind.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Peter Pan

This year was different. I don't know, but I'm still grateful for people who wish me a happy birthday. May the same prayers go for you too :")

I don't feel the excitement of my birthday since the year started. All I wanted was to skip today. I don't know, I'm always so excited about someone else's birthday, but when it comes to mine, I don't want to have anything to do with it. I just want to run from it. So many indescribable feelings I couldn't put into words. 

So, why am I still writing about today? Well, to remind me that I'm still alive at the age of 22. Getting old isn't so bad, but being adult is something I don't really enjoy. If only I have one wish that would be granted, then it would be something like meeting Peter Pan who would take me to his Neverland. Is it too much to ask? Lol... of course it is, baka! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kami Semakin Tangguh!

Sebelum berakhir, ingin mengucap syukur atas apa yg telah dilewati sepanjang kepengurusan di PSM UIN Jakarta sejak Juni 2013 hingga sekarang. Pejuang tangguh! Nama itu melekat dalam diri kita menjadi sebuah identitas untuk menghadapi segala tantangan ke depan. Semakin kuat kami berdiri, semakin tinggi angin yang menerjang, mungkin karena itulah tahun ini kami menghadapi banyak ujian dan tantangan saat menjalani organisasi yang kami sangat sayangi ini. Tapi, atas dasar memiliki mimpi yang satu, kami bertahan dan tetap melangkah maju. Terjang kami dengan angin dan badai sekencang apapun, kami tidak akan pernah berhenti berusaha mencapai tujuan kami untuk mengembangkan dan mengharumkan organisasi ini, tempat kami bertemu, tempat kami belajar, tempat kami bercita-cita. Coba robohkan kami, coba tebang kami, segala ujian dan usaha menjatuhkan itu hanya semakin menguatkan kami untuk bersatu. 

"Maxi will stand strong for one of the longest period in PSM..."

Kata-kata dari senior yang waktu itu belum kami benar-benar ambil serius ternyata terbukti sekarang, dan bukan karena merasa spesial atau sombong, tapi pada kenyataannya, kecintaan kami pada PSM sepertinya sudah mendarah daging dibanding kebanyakan lainnya, ditambah adanya sebuah mimpi yang kami ingin wujudkan bersama. Saat kepengurusan ini berakhir, entah apakah saya akan kembali naik di Artistik atau tidak, saya akan tetap kembali pulang ke PSM, rumah kedua saya. Sebagai pengurus atau sekedar anggota, PSM sudah menjadi salah satu sumber kehidupan bagi saya. Sampai bertemu di akhir Mei dan semoga berhasil untuk para pengurus baru. Tantangan baru di depan kalian, jangan pernah menyerah.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


It took exactly 4 years for me to be completely move on from one of the most heartbroken events in my life. Life goes on, of course. I will continue doing what I have to do, but my feeling is stuck in yesterday and I don't have enough strength to let go. I prayed for strength, I cried for emptiness, the only thing I can do is enjoying my solitude and sadness at night. I don't want to lose a good friend. Is it okay for you to lose me? Now, my brain seems to be smarter than it used to be. It remembers every little detail of the moments we spent together. Every place and thing seems to have a trace of our journey, and I always have a little broken heart everytime. I knew it might be not the right time and I will eventually forget, but for now, being forced to pretend as if nothing ever happened feels like stabbing my heart with a sharp knife over and over again. I have to bear its wound, and I have to bear it alone.