Thursday, April 10, 2014

About Feelings

You probably mad and felt like the most miserable person yesterday
You can be the most optimistic person tomorrow
Everyone has those good and bad days, it's a circle of life
One day you can be so wise and positive about everything
The other day, all you see is darkness and you feel like dying
It's normal. It's human.
But today, I just feel calm and relax
Today, I feel loved and I love you
The simple thing can erase the storm I see inside
Thanks to you

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Anonymous said...

Hello Denisa

in a few days lately, i've been watching over you .
it makes me enough looks like a zombie in the next morning *walking like a zombie Arghhh .. BRAIIN !! gimme a brain*

you know what?! you doing great! you did it!
you makes me lose my sleep in a few days lately -_____-"

tapi ...
selain saya kehilangan sebagian tidur saya, saya juga kehilangan beberapa postingan kamu ;)
mungkin postingan galau nya kamu tepatnya :P hahaha
ini gimana jadinya? saya laki laki 3 taun diatas kamu lhooo ..
ngerasa berdosa nggak udah bikin saya begadang akhir2 ini?
saya kerja lho paginya, kamu gatau aja ...

Pokoknya sebagai silent reader yg setia, saya minta pertanggung jawaban dari penulis blog ini .

Anggap aja ini surat terbuka dari saya hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hii den .. how are you doing? I hope things are going well for you ..

it's been a week since i put stupid question on your blog .
Truly sorry for that ..
too late to regret . Just realized that i was wrong, how could I put stupid question on your blog, how could I put blame on you back then, how childish it was .

couldn't help it . couldn't throw away, neither from your blog nor my mind ..
if there's a chance to make it right :(

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

baru baca banget.. sorry? umm.. are these two anon comments came from the same person? three years older than me? to be honest, i don't know who are you, but thanks a lot for reading my nonsense blog although most of the time it's filled with useless things.
I'm doing great, and I'm sorry that I just checked your comments now.

Can you tell me who are you or if we actually know each other?

Anonymous said...

nah lhoo dijawab juga ternyata :D
yaa those were comments came from the same person . it was me, sorry to have bothered you . since I know, you're not really good with new people

nonsense blog? I don't think so .
ketika gue ngeliat seseorang bercerita tentang hidupnya, dirinya, hari2nya di blog . ini bener2 seperti gue nemuin diary, dan gue bakal baca diem2 diary itu sampe selesai .

we do not know each other, but I just trying to know you from what you wrote . rooted to the deep, until I find out I that I am three years older than you

kurang lebih kayak gitu, gue ini cuma tukang ngintip diary org, trus marah2 sampe minta pertanggung jawaban karna ada tulisan yg dihapus . gapenting bgt kan -___-"

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

For some reasons, I just discovered this comment in 2016. I don't know if you'll read this, but thanks for reading my rants. I wish it won't give you bad influence. Hopefully you get something useful from my writing. Makasih banyak ya hey haha

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