Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unspoken Words and A New Home

"I love you too..."

"If it's the best decision for you, then I shouldn't force you to stay."

"I shouldn't had said 'don't disappear from my sight' but let you go instead.."

Because it's so much easier to put those words through writing. I just realized I was being selfish by saying "Don't disappear again..". What if the best thing for you is by staying away from me? It means if I'm forcing you to stay, I'd hurt you even more. I had so many things to say to you but what's came out was "Aaa.... Eee... Hahaha..." It wasn't right. My introvert side actually won against the extrovert. And yet I don't think we'd have the chance to talk again, because I don't want to bring up this topic again and make the situation awkward again.

Anyway, I have a new place to pour my heart out now. Well, not really a new place, I've been using it for years but I just started write something very personal in it these past few days. Because apparently, I need it to make me feel relieved. It's not like I would stop writing in this blog; this will always be my favorite place to write my precious memories, write a poem that reflected what's in my heart, or just some silly opinions, but I need a place to pour my problems in the most honest way, so it would decrease the number of my blue / complain tweets too lol.

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