Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When the night comes, the loneliness that used to be a friend, now has become an enemy who put me in danger. The night brings memories. Memories are meant to be kept in our hearts, they said? But what if the memories can only cause a painful wound? We tried so hard to forget them, but deep inside, we know that those things are impossible to be forgotten. Deep down, we know, those memories are the most precious things we want to cherish, because that's the only thing we could have, no matter how much they hurt us, we refused to forget. Because we know, memories are the only things that's left for us to hold. Memories make us laugh because of the good things that happened, at the same time they make us cry because we can never go back to those good old days. And we questioned ourselves, will they ever come back to us? The precious things that we lost? Or are they gone forever? 

The future is uncertain, we can't figure out the answer now. Too afraid to put our hopes up, but deep down we know that we will never stop to pray and wish. The universe, please hear me. And if you can't grant my wish, please make me stronger. 

Memories. We know that memories can be our weakness, but at the same time, those good things that we once had are the things that make us stronger.

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