Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Found Me!

So, have you ever try to google yourself? Today, I actually did it for the first time, and guess what I found: I found some embarrassing blogs that I made before this one.. the trace of my 'alay' moments.. lol. Oh well, everyone has those days. Tapi selain itu, gue juga menemukan Resensi novel Saat Aku Mengingat Tuhan yang gue tulis sekitar 4 tahun lalu untuk lomba mewakili sekolah. Gue nggak nyangka ternyata ada yang baca novel aneh itu, hahaha...

Resensi I:

Resensi II:

Resensi III:

It was kinda shocking to find my name in someone else's blog who refers me as a writer / author of a real book, hehehe. It's a good feeling actually, I never really think that someone would read my writing. Although those things aren't really big deal, but they are for me. The remind me of my dream, they remind me of how much I love writing and they made me feel like I actually have started something and I should continue doing it. I'm still writing until now, but I haven't try to write a novel again ever since. I guess it's time to start over, since the lowest point of life is actually the moments when you have a lot in minds, lol. Best way to release stress is put it in writing. Wish me luck! :D

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