Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brain VS Heart

She's a secret admirer
She is a best friend
She loves in silence
She pays attention over the little things he does
She makes sure he is fine every day
She keeps her eyes on him without him noticing

She questions herself every day
When to give up?
How to give up?
She told herself again and again
It's time to give up

So, she decided to give up
But it's not as easy as what her brain told her to
As her heart keeps screaming out his name

"Oh, it's just a matter of time,"

But as the time goes by
The feeling still has not left her yet

It's pointless, just give up
He doesn't even care...

Don't give up just yet...
Love is not about being returned.
It's about sincerity..
You don't have to stop loving him

Screw that! Sincerity?
Is sincerity mean hurting yourself?
It's just an excuse that your heart makes
If love don't get returned, find another one
Who will treat you better, not bitter

Oh, shut up brain. You only think about the logic
Love is not about finding a perfect person
It's about embracing the imperfection

He doesn't care. That reason alone is enough
You've gotta move on with your life

Have you really ask him how he really feels?

His action speaks louder than words
You're too naive and put your hopes up in the sky
What has he done that make you so sure?
I answer that: nothing

We should never judge if he never really says anything about it

That's why we judged because he never does anything
Have you lost your mind and can't tell it?
Oh, I forgot. You're a heart
You don't think, you only feel what you want to feel

Ugh! It's pointless to debate with a stubborn like you
But no matter how many times you tried to put the logic above everything
As long as the heart still believes
Nothing is going to change about her feeling

And the girl finally decided to sleep and shut her brain and heart down for a while. 

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