Friday, January 31, 2014


Believe in yourself. Look for chances. Grab your dreams. Who said that having a hectic life would make you miserable? In my case, having a busy life is a gift, although sometimes I miss my solitude time, but having people around you is actually not that bad. Hmm... does the introvert girl start to change to be a bit extrovert? Yeah, maybe. Everyone has two sides, right, it's our choices which side we would like to show and enjoy. While I'm still an introvert, I learned to be a bit more social and open to people, at least to those who have been such a great friend for us. We only have one life to live in this blissful world, why don't we enjoy it to the fullest and make the best out of it? The journey is long but the view is great!

Life is like a movie, but the story is much better because God wrote it Himself. We as the actors have to play it brilliantly. 

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