Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'll Blame Me

I'm afraid that 'mine' is too strong
I've been in this place and I always know 
I'm such a terrible lover
Because I'll love perfectly, completely, wholeheartedly
Isn't that too much to take?
Wouldn't it become a burden when it's too strong for you?
And that strong feeling hurts me too much too
Because it makes me fragile for every simple reasons
I worried too much, I expect too much, and I will miss too much?
Wouldn't that be too much for you to take too?
Can anyone teach me how to control feelings?
Because mine is overflowing and I don't know how to stop it
Not that I want to stop loving
I'm just afraid that too much feeling will hurt my precious one
Tell me how to soothe this burning emotion

In the end, if I ever get hurt
It's not you whom I would blame
It's me and my own stupidity
It's me who let myself burned in my own fire
It's me who let myself falling without parachute
It's me who let myself consumed by that strong feeling
If I ever get hurt, it would be nobody's fault but me

PS: I drank too much coffee and my mind started exaggerating things. Before I realized it, I've wrote these in my cellphone. Random brain as always, but I shouldn't let these writing disappear without trace just because I wrote it without having my full sense with me. So, note this in your mind who ever read it: It's just a fictional writing. I repeat, FICTIONAL WRITING! Which means, it's not what I'm really feeling since I wrote it when I was feeling sleepy and hungry and my mind just went insane :P

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