Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kuliah Kerja Nyata

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

KKN was one of the great chapters in my life that I would cherish the most. I never expected that I would have such a deep bond with certain people from that place. How would I know? I wasn't really excited about KKN back then, barely came in the meeting, wanted to stay home so badly instead of spending 30 days in another village even though it's not that far. Anyway, people changed. Experience also changes my perspective and opinion about KKN. Now if anyone ever asked me about KKN, I would tell them to take it and enjoy it because it was really great and you would create great memories as well. :)

So, whom did you think had a special bond with me? KKN Ganks? Hmm... no. They're nice and awesome, but what I mean here are the kids from Belimbing Village. And when I said special, I really mean it. Let's get to know them :)

1. TINO 
He's in 5th grade and suffered from Liver, but unexpectedly he's super hyperactive. He has a great energy and he loves to tickle everyone around him. He never gets tired, he could chase me only to tickle me for like an hour and he wouldn't stop until he gets his target. Naughty... naughty boy :) This cheerful kid can get along with most of the people. He likes to pull pranks on others too, and he usually succeeds. He's also very smart, like one of the most lovable kids I have ever met :) Tino loves playing chess, that explained why he's so smart :)

This kid is supposed to be in 5th grade, but he's stuck in 2nd grade. As far as I know, he can only read the word "Ibu" and "Ayah". He can do a bit math, he can do addition quite well, but he can't do subtraction or even multiplication. Rico can't be hurt nor get hurt because he has epilepsy. We can't surprise him too hard or he will faint *literally. Rico has a great courage to learn something. He's a bit autism; if you tell him something, he will do it right away. Like when I told him to come to my homestay at 7 am, he really did that. When I promised him something, he will remember it and he will keep asking me to complete my promise to him :)

Stephen, such a cool name, tho all of his friends called him without the 'S', haha. Stephen is a Cristian, but it doesn't make him walked away from us even though we're from Islamic University. In fact, he's one of the most lovable kids too. He's naughtier than Tino. Stephen loves to pull pranks on others, and he's like a troublemaker, but in a cute way :P Stephen also has a deep bond with us, his home is really far from our homestay but he didn't hesitate to take a long road only to meet us and play with us. Isn't it the sweetest thing ever? And he loves animals so much. He would borrow my camera to hunt some animals pictures. That makes him even more adorable :D

Angga (on the left) and Anggi (on the right), I usually called them Twins A. It's quite funny how I discovered them: At first, Anggi was absent because he was sick. Angga's adorable face caught my attention. I didn't know he has a twin. After a week, I met Anggi who was running in the school hallway, but I called him Angga. Of course, he didn't answer. Then, one of their friends told me that it was Anggi who just ran passed by me, and Angga was inside the class. Can you imagine how I reacted when I found that the adorable kid has another adorable twin? Like... double cuteness, LOL!! They're almost identical. But it's easy to differentiate them once you get used to them. Angga has a big mark on his neck while Anggi has a smaller one on his left cheek, and Anggi's face is a bit smaller. It's cute how they always wear exactly the same clothes when they visited my homestay, and they always have the same haircut. Unlike the other kids, Angga and Anggi are very shy. They refused to get closer to us in the first two weeks that it's getting a bit annoying, LOL, but after me and my friend kept showing our special 'affection' towards them, they started to accept us. It was a big surprise when they visited our homestay despite their distant home. And they visited us every day, although all they did were only sitting, hiding their faces, and whenever we asked them something, both of them have the same answers: "Nggak tau.." or just look away, refused to answer. But they're still really cute :P This post is longer than the others because they are, you know, double~ :P

Ardi is in 4th grade. He was supposed to be in 5th grade, but he failed because he missed too many classes last year. It's sad because he's a brilliant kid, and much more mature than the others in character. He's the best kid I have ever met. He loves drawing and his drawing is fantastic. He knows that I like him more than the other kids, but he didn't act spoiled at me while the other kids usually tried to get our attention. He would just sit a bit farther and draw something, he understands that I have to teach his friends. He's very sincere and calm. He takes a good care on Rico, he keeps him accompanied and he always helps Rico doing his homework. Ardi always participated in our programs, and he did it wholeheartedly. Before I left, we made a promise that he would not absent from school anymore and he would reach the first rank in class. I have faith in him because he's actually brilliant, he's just so lazy last year, but he wanted to change it for me. Isn't that sweet? :') Sadly, at the last day, I couldn't meet him for the last time because he was so determined to go to school despite the fact that it would be the last time he spends his time with me. I'm just so proud of him and I would take a good care of him from here. :")

His full name is Bastian Saputra, and I'm the only one who called him Bastian. Bastian and Ardi is one packet for me, I love both of them more than I love the other kids :") Bastian also loves drawing, although his drawing isn't as great as Ardi, but he loves it. Bastian has a problem in reading, although he's already in 4th grade. He's slower in reading compared to others, that's why I focused him in reading and whenever we're together, I would ask him to read any words that we found near us. Bastian is a cheerful kid, and he's already visited me in Jakarta once, a week ago. He's also the one who calls me most, LOL. He's still childish and loves playing more than studying, that's normal :P He and Ardi completed each other, while Ardi is mature, Bastian is immature, while Ardi is brilliant, Bastian needs more help in studying, and Ardi would always gladly help him. And both of them are my special sons :')

I made a promise with them that I will visit once in a while. Hopefully, I could really make it :)

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

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