Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#VICC - Day 3 (21.06.13) - The Competition Day, Lampion City

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

Our 3rd day was started by early rehearsal in Hoi An Beach, and I got to capture this awesome sunrise scenery. This picture is chosen to be put in my College Photography Exhibition. Thank God... It was a coincidence to get this awesome silhouette :3

Last Morning Rehearsal before the Competition. Our Squad!

The Competition
Since I've put our competition pictures story in my previous post, I will only put some pictures of other choirs.
The Choir from the U.S.A, they are the 1st champion of this event while we, PSM UIN Jakarta, are 2nd :) They were simply riveting. Truly, the best choir I've ever heard so far :")

This is The Voice Weavers, where most of the members are middle age. They got the silver medal, but their performance was interesting and they are all very nice with us :)
After the Competition: 
With my best friend, Rahma Putri~
yes, we won the gold diploma!!
After the announcement of all winners, everyone was gathered on stage and sang together. It's a Vietnamese song but we already have the part so we could sing it together. It was amazing and one of the most beautiful moments I've ever felt in my life

We made a circle after the announcement ended, to pray together and show our gratitude. It was beautiful and memorable. Everyone was crying of happiness :")
with Children Choir from China :D
We still have Gala Dinner with all choirs at night, but before we get to Gala Dinner Place, we had the chance to have a little trip to Hoi An Ancient City. It was amazingly beautiful, they only use lampion as lighting.

Another awesome moment was when our squad was tired after a long walk around Hoi An Ancient City, so we decided to take a break and sing some random choir songs at the street. Suddenly, a lot of people and tourists stopped and watched us. Finally, the Squad decided to have a little performance there. People were so excited to see us, it was a great fun. We were dancing and singing along with the crowd, just like a musical :)

After that not-so-short break, we continued to walk to Gala Dinner place and met these Vietnam Children Choirs. We got along with them really fast and together with them, we sang that Vietnamese song once again. Mostly those kids were singing while we only clap our hands, LOL.  And my friends taught them some ridiculous Indonesia's words and slang such as, "Eeee... Aaa.... e e e e... aaa!!" Those kids were so excited and kept saying it along the road. LOL, you don't have to understand Indonesia to say those phenomenal Dahsyat words :P And these kids apparently liked us a lot. They kept shouting "Indonesia - Vietnam!!" and played around with us :")

Gala Dinner Place

It was said that after you float this candle in the lake while wishing for something, your wish will come true. Well, I didn't buy myth, but I float that candle without wishing anything LOL 

It was truly a night to remember. We had so much fun and happiness, it's like after 6 months of struggling together, the gold diploma and those wonderful vacations and experience we didn't think we would get before suddenly paid off all of our sweats. God truly pay us for our hard work with something that's too good to be true :") Alhamdulillah...

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

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