Monday, July 1, 2013

#VICC - Day 2 (20.06.13) - Beach Rehearsal, Red Team!

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

So, it's our 2nd day in Hoi An. We woke up early to have morning rehearsal. We visited the Hoi An Beach for the first time, it took only 3 minutes by walk from our Hotel. How lucky :)

It was one of the most awesome rehearsal. Bang Ipul helped us to know more about acting because we played a bit of theatrical in our performance. Although it was only 6 am, but the sun was burning. But the sea breeze and the beautiful view around us encouraged us to keep rehearsing.

The View from my room. Pretty awesome, right :)
So, after breakfast and bath, we're ready to go to Hoi An Conference Hall for Stage Rehearsal. Luckily, it took only 2 minutes by walk from our hotel, but the Interkultur still gave us a Bus to take us to that place. Haha, what an awesome service though it waste too much energy for the driver. Having to pick us up and drive us the the place which actually we could get only by walking, LOL. Btw, we wore red outfits!

So, that's all. We were supposed to sing in Friendship Concert but the event was canceled due to the heavy rain. Yeah, can you believe that after we rehearse in the daylight with temperature of 40 degrees, the rain suddenly fell down in the evening and didn't stop until night. It was a bit disappointing because we've rehearsed but the show was canceled, but at least we had more time to rest since we would face the real competition the next day. Alhamdulillah :)

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

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