Thursday, June 27, 2013

#VICC - Day 1 (19.06.13) - Arrival, The Beautiful Vietnam

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

So, after transited at Changi Airport, we finally reached Hochimin, Vietnam. Sorry to say this, but I gotta say that Jakarta is still better than Hochimin. This city is unexpectedly quite disorganized. The number of motorcycles is higher than the car. It's quite scary to cross the road as most of the vehicles seem like don't have rules in driving. Luckily, we would be staying at Hoi An, a very different city from Hochimin, a beautiful one, it's a tourism city. Almost like Bali in Indonesia.

Hochimin from the Plane
It would take 20 hours to get to Hoi An from Hochimin. A bus had been waiting for us. Meet my seatmate along the road, the same photographer, journalist, a very good friend of mine, Uta, or called Trombone in PSM. :)

Beautiful views along the road. Vietnam is not that much different from Indonesia because you can find this kind of nature too in Indonesia :)

We finally reached our hotel at 4 pm. We only had 15 minutes to put our stuff in the room because we had to get hurry to go to the Hoi An Garden for Stage Rehearsal for tonight's Opening Concert. We didn't have time to rest, but we're powered up!

We got to see choirs from different countries. This one is The Voice Weavers from Australia where most of the singers are middle-aged people. They're so nice and warm people anyway :)

Finally, after Stage Rehearsal, we only had about 2 hours to prepare and rehearse before the Opening Concert. The schedule on the first day was tight, but we gave our all in this because we wanted to show the beauty of Indonesia's song. We performed Ondel-Ondel and got the Judges excited. A successful opening. So proud because PSM UIN Jakarta was chosen to perform as Indonesia's representative :")

a little accident, the fireworks accidentally fell into the traditional music players and burned their clothes. Not a revere accident though, they only got their clothes perforated.
Me and Sinya in Betawi costume
they give away free lampion, this is us after the show
It was quite tough but fun experience to start the first day in Hoi An. We felt tired but we had fun as well. Another tough day still waiting for us. Gotta rest up to pay the sleepless time during 20 hours journey. Thank you Interkultur for such an awesome event.

Wassalamualakum. Wr. Wb.

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