Friday, February 1, 2013

One Direction

Have you noticed my tweets recently? It's all about that awesome British boyband, One Direction! Yes, that boyband from U.K whose British accent has caught the girls's heart around the world, hahaha. Okay, that's not the real point. Those 5 guys (Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn) started their career as soloist in X-Factor U.K and ended up united as one. The first UK. Boyband to hit number one chart on U.S.A. The judges even said that these boys are the next generation after The Beatles. They probably exaggerated it a bit, though... hahaha~

I always love boyband. I love the way those different type of voices mixed together. It's not too late to declare to the world that I have officially become one of One Direction's fans, right? Since they only debuted for about 3 years, if I'm not mistaken, haha! Well, I'm always late when it comes to new music or hits. I was happened to come across their music in a friend's blog. It was their single called "Little Things" which made me started to pay attention to them. I've heard What Makes You Beautiful way before I knew they were exist, but the song didn't really got me back then. And although I've seen their faces and know how handsome they are, their charms didn't pervade me yet, hahaha. I think I was busy with Jpop :3

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles : Favorite!
It was my curiosity to one of 1D's members, Zayn Malik that made me started browsing more about them. He's a Muslim. It's quite of a rare thing in Hollywood industry, if you know what I mean. But that reason was not enough to get me falling. It was when I heard his voice, my heart felt like found a treasure (hiperbola!). And if you noticed Zayn's deep voice, you would notice Harry Styles's too. Especially in Little Things! It's impossible not to, since Harry is like one of lead singers. These two have the same type of voice: bass/baritone, couldn't really decide because they could hit high notes in perfect pitch. But I'm sure they're not tenor. Their vocal range is wideee~ *talks like a professional music observer :P

Most of One Direction's songs and videos I clicked on youtube are all easy listening and good. Call my taste cheesy but everyone has their own opinion :) I don't think Little Things, More Than This, Irresistable, Live While We're Young, or Summer Love are cheesy songs. Even all of their singles which mostly upbeats are great and suit my ears, haha. And you don't have to question their singing skills. They know how to sing and how to perform. In term of voice, I must say that they're better than Jonas Brothers. Their voices harmonized perfectly when they sing together. I was satisfied when I checked their livestages and concerts: they're impressive. I'm going to keep my eyes on them :)

Btw, Happy 19th Birthday, Harry Styles! <3>

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