Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Saving some of my worth-reading tweets before I wipe them off. Sounds stupid but I'm deleting all of my tweets now because I need to start over something and because they're too much and most of them are   totally garbages :') but some of them have special meaning for me so I'll keep them :) 

- We won't make the same story like others. We will enjoy two different worlds for now and wait until God let them collide. We'll be patient. We'll be okay.

- Some things are better left unsaid. Some questions are better left unanswered

- As long as you're doing your best, no matter what the result is, nothing you'll regret, because there's always lesson behind something.

- Actually, it's best to be yourself instead of trying to be someone else, because Allah has made you different than others.

Seperti angin, jika hanya sepoi2 terasa menyenangkan, tp jika terlalu besar bisa menghancurkan. Segala yg berlebihan itu tidak baik.

- Jahiliyah time is moment when you're drowned in the darkness and you don't realize it. Everybody has that moment. That's part of growing up

- When you speak the truth, some will hear, some will ignore, and others will against you. Don't be afraid. Stay strong.

- Happiness comes from the moment you have through in life in which you could feel the same happiness when you recall it again in the future.

Now those memories become lessons when I recall 'em again. Tears and laugh, they shouldn't be regretted. They made me who I am today.

I don't hate separation. I just dislike it a lot. Especially when it comes to people who's worthy in my life. I can cry for days inside

No matter how big your body has grown, you always have that special place to lean on your body from exhaustion. That place is mom and dad.

All you need to do is please God and He will let your beauty shines not only to one person, but the whole world just like Khadija and Aisyah

Writer is usually quite, they talk through their writings instead of their mouths.

It's never too late to change ourselves to be better. Life is all about improving yourself for Allah's sake.

Ada hal yg lo lebih baik dibanding gue, ada hal yg gue lebih baik dibanding lo, akhirnya saling sharing, that's what make us equal :)

You are alone in the world. You pissed off. There are so many people outside. Why am I still feeling this lonely?

- Today may won't be as great as yesterday, or maybe it'll be one you will treasure the most, whatever it is, remember to always be thankful ♥

The pain in your heart will be healed by praying. Don't feel miserable when you have Allah with you ☺

You will always be there for your friends when they need it, but you won't ask them to do the same. You're so weird but nice, but weird.

Being alone makes you think a lot about many things, realized about the simplest things.

If I tell you, you might be bothered by it. You might feel discomfort, so I'll just save it for myself. Let only me and Allah who know..

Sometimes I wanna blurt out my feelings like teenager, but I hold it in because I know it's childish. Tho I think it'd make me feel relieved

- I want to go back to those old days when we were still so clueless, when we were questioning our heart

Mimpi yg aneh. Endingnya bahagia tapi tetap aneh. Kenapa gue dan semua orang berubah jadi burung lalu terbang menuju sunset at the end? -,-

I shouldn't complain about my life when there are people in other country who's struggling for living.

There's no difference either you're close or far away. Right?

- I don't need you to say it. I need you to show it.

- Seseorang yg menerima kekalahan dengan sportif dan ikhlas sudah pasti berjiwa besar dan sudah pasti keren :D

- Rasanya kayak proses komunikasi yang tidak berjalan baik karena tidak ada feedback dari komunikan terhadap komunikator

- The journey still long. I've always been missing you but I remind myself again that I shouldn't make a fuss about it.

- Looking back to the old times.. I still couldn't believe that we're drawn to each other now. Haha, God really has unexpected story for us.

If you care, do not hesitate to share

- The storm won't last forever. It'll end soon or later. You just need to learn how to dance in the rain. I'll dance along if you let me :)

At the end of the day, the simplest act you did was the one who keep me strong. Every little thing you do. :)

Mungkin yg diperlukan saat ini adalah berjauhan. Berpisah jalan. Jika Allah berkehendak, sejauh apapun itu, akan dipertemukan lagi.

Just because they said they love you, doesn't mean they really care about you. In the end, you have to prepare yourself to stand alone.

Setiap orang itu penting. Jangan pernah meremehkan mereka. Meremehkan adalah bentuk lain dari kesombongan.

Rasa itu mengalir deras tak terbendung, namun tak ada wadah yg menampung. Akhirnya meluber dan perlahan menghilang.

Aku menyerah. Aku kalah oleh rasa takut. Aku kalah oleh sikapmu. Aku kalah oleh diriku. :')

- Smile is a charity, so don't hesitate to smile. Your smile could be someone else's greatest gift, brighten up their day, without you know it

Menyerah adalah hal yg membuat manusia sekeren apapun jadi gak keren. Begitupun dgn melanggar janji. Gue sih gak mau dibilang gak keren B-)

I'll put that mask on my face so you won't see what's behind it. I'll keep my heart hidden so you won't be bothered by its beat.

Ada rindu dalam sepi, ada kasih yg tak tersampaikan, ada semu dalam rasa, ada tangis dalam tawa.

- I think it doesn't matter for you whether I'm exist or not. So, why should I fight for someone who doesn't really care?

- A smile that can heal this heart from any wound. A smile that belongs to you.

- Silent is gold. Sometimes you just can't control what you're going to say and you'll hurt someone before you realize it..

- The scars that left in you after you get hurt are proofs that you've been through so much pain to be stronger.

- Aku dan kamu ada bukan untuk berlomba menjadi yang terbaik. KITA berusaha melakukan yg terbaik agar dapat bermanfaat untuk satu sama lain

- Menikmati drama kehidupan di sekitar. Menyimak berbagai pikiran orang2 yg begitu tertegun pada dunia.

that's all. Sadly I could't backtracked more to my old tweets which means I've tweeted too much haha. :')

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