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Sprout (Jdrama)

One of the main reason I decided to watch Sprout is because this is the first drama where Yuri Chinen gets a lead role. I love to keep in touch with Hey!Say!JUMP's members drama, especially when they have significant role in it. I have read the manga Sprout before so I'm curious how it will be adapted into live action. Now, without further ado, let's jump to the story~

Fated Person?
Three months ago, Miku Ikenochi (Aoi Morikawa) became sick that she couldn't do anything but sit on the school stairs playground. At that time, someone unknown came and brought her to the school infirmary. Miku was really sick that she can barely see his face, but she remembers the touch of his hands. Miku believes that the boy is a part of her fate.

Living with Strangers
Miku's parents decided to make their house as boarding place to help the family pay household expenses. Miku who is used to be an only child and lived a peaceful life, suddenly has to share the house with three different strangers: Naoji Takigawa, an otaku who obsessed with action figures and Rurika dolls, Kiyoka Takiyama, a beautiful college student who's busy dating out with her boyfriend instead of studying, and the last is Shohei Narahashi. A handsome boy who enters the same school as Miku. Miku has trouble getting used with the new circumstances around her. She has to share bathroom, and bump into people she barely knows inside of the house.

One day, Miku found that her special glass is used by Shouhei without asking for her permission, Kiyoka ate her ice cream that she's been keeping in the fridge, and the worst is Naoji broke Miku's precious chime bell. Miku irritated and becomes mad with the three boarding people in her house. Shouhei, feeling guilty, immediately rushed off to his house which was kilometers away from Miku's house to get similar chime bell to replace the one which was broken.

Shouhei apologizes to Miku because of the new circumstances she has to face, but he also shows his gratitude towards Miku's family and the boarding house. He begs for Miku to accept the new people and try to get along together, although it's not easy at first, but Shouhei promised that he will try his best not to cause trouble anymore. Miku, realized that she was acting childish and touched by Shouhei's sincere apology, finally forgives him and the others. Miku accidentally fell on the floor because of her clumsiness. Shouhei offered his hand to help, and when Miku grabs a hold on Shouhei's hand, she recognizes that it is the same hand which helped him at entrance ceremony. Miku felt a sudden excitement insides her, she's filled with happiness because she found her fated person. But Miku's happiness didn't stay for long because the next day, she found out that Shouhei already has a girlfriend, Miyuki Ozawa (Fujiko Kojima).

The First for Everything
1. Shouhei and Miyuki
Just like Miku who fell in love with Shouhei because of the touch of his hands and how he always helps Miku whenever needed, Shouhei also loves Miyuki because of a strong memory they had when they were in middle school. Shouhei protected Miyuki from bullying and became her only friend when everyone was hating on her because the other students think of Miyuki as annoyance for getting a lot of boys attracted to her. One day, when Shouhei's parents got divorced and made him depressed, Miyuki was the only one who could see through Shouhei's fake smile. Miyuki then asked Shouhei to skip school and had fun outside to make Shouhei felt better. She grabbed Shouhei's hand and ask him to run with her. Shouhei felt saved because of Miyuki's existence and ever since then, he promised to protect Miyuki and stay by her side. 

2. Miku and Hayato
Hayato Katagiri (Lewis Jesse) is Shouhei's bestfriend. A popular boy who always plays with a lot of different girls but never be in real relationship. Hayato attracted to Miku after eavesdropping her conversation with her friends about dating random boys for fun. Miku believes that if she has to be in relationship one day, it should be with someone who is really dear to her and not just for fun. Hayato is attracted to Miku's innocence. Miku, aware with Hayato's reputation as a playboy, was hesitated with Hayato's confession at first, but she felt excited because Hayato is the first person who ever confessed to her. Hayato proves that he is serious with Miku and stopped going out with other girls. Miku who was feeling insecure because of her unrequited love, decided to open her heart for Hayato. She's amused with Hayato's sincerity who always stays besides her when she's feeling down. Miku decides to forget the feeling of Shouhei's hands by accepting Hayato's love, they began the relationship. Hayato was the first for Miku to experience real relationship, love, kiss, and everything.

When Love Changes?
Miku to Shouhei
Miku's love towards Shouhei becomes unrequited love once she found out that Shouhei has a girlfriend, and how precious Miyuki is for him. It was hard for her to get over her feelings because she has to live at the same house with Shouhei. Shouhei asked Miku to protect Miyuki when he is not around. Miku knows that her dislike towards Miyuki is 'caused by jealousy. But Miyuki's kindness makes Miku realized that she was being childish. Somehow, Miku feels that Shouhei is more unreachable because Miyuki is too good girlfriend for Shouhei and a good friend for Miku as well. So, Miku decides to give up on Shouhei and open her heart for Hayato.

Shouhei to Miku
Miku has always been a good friend for Shouhei ever since he moved in to her house. He can't help but care about her and always make sure that she is fine. Shouhei is always nice to everyone, but somehow with Miku, he feels kinda protective about her and always watching her without he realized it. Miku, just like Miyuki, can see through Shouhei's fake smile when he's actually feeling down. Shouhei barely realized that Miku loves him, he is busy taking care of Miyuki and think that Hayato likes Miku, but as they lived together and gets comfortable with each other, Shouhei starts to develop feelings for Miku. When he realized that, it's already too late because Miku has already in relationship with Hayato. This time, it's Shouhei's turn to feel miserable and jealous over Miku's intimate with Hayato which happens in front of his eyes, but he couldn't do anything about that.

The Break Up
Although it seems like everything has fall into place, but the heart can't lie. Miku is happy with Hayato, but deep down she still feels the love for Shouhei and cared a lot about him. While Shouhei is trying to keep his promise with Miyuki to always stay by her side, things sure have changed between them. Both Hayato and Miyuki could see this through their respective partners. In the end, Miyuki decided to break up with Shouhei because she realized that Shouhei stays beside her only to protect her, but his love is no longer for Miyuki. Miyuki said that she doesn't need anymore protection that she has become stronger now, and Shouhei has to be honest with himself. While Miku decided to break up with Hayato because she realized she still loves Shouhei and doesn't want to hurt Hayato by having two people in her heart. Even after the break up, Shouhei and Miku weren't approaching each other and keep their love secret. Shouhei moved out from Miku's house to go back to her mother because he's been running away from his problem, and then the four of them go back to become plain school mates.

Fated Person

A year passed since each couple broke up, and they are back to be plain school mates. Shouhei and Miku still keep their love for each other a secret, although they miss each other's company once they reunited at Miku's house for barbecue party.  Hayato and Miyuki approached Shouhei and Miku independently to ask them why they're not going out even after the break up. All they need to do is being honest to each other and not feeling guilty about Hayato or Miyuki's feelings. Miku gained the courage to talk to Shouhei and being honest about her feelings, she ran off to school to see Shouhei, but at that time, she fell on the stairs because of her clumsiness. Once again, a hand which she recognizes offered help to her. It was Shouhei's hand, all over again. They found each other at the stairs where Miku thought of her fated person which was Shouhei, and this time, the same hand and the same fated person has coming back to her. And this time, that fated person is going to stay.

One of my favorite things about this drama is the soundtrack. It contains a lot of wonderful song, especially the main theme from Western Band, Betty's Bomb Shell by Group of Love. The song is so addictive and it suits all of the scenes in the drama. Though from the story, it's pretty cliche and corny, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Once in a while, it's good to watch this kind of innocent love. You don't even know who to ship because everyone is so cute with each other, I especially love how they make the holding hands becomes important in the relationship instead of a kiss, as if it is the epitome of fated person or true love.

PS: Gifs were taken from tumblr, feel free to message me if you want to be credited :)

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