Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Ones I Can Always Count On

Lately, I've been feeling so down. And for these past few nights, I keep wondering about many things, crying over pointless things. My melancholic side becomes so strong when I'm alone, hahaha. This is not anybody's fault. This is happened because of my own mind, my expectation towards something. I've expected too much and got disappointed. I should have known since the very start that I couldn't rely on someone else but Allah. So, yeah, I've hurt myself.. The only one who could heal my pain is myself. But even the doctor go to another doctor when he's sick, right? To whom should I go? The answer is of course, Allah, the one and only. 

Thank God, you have surround me with many great friends. Even when I don't ask for them to come, they come, and they always be there to help me wipe my tears. Not literally, haha, but they always be there. I think they don't even realized that they have help me through my pain. They make me feel so much better when I'm in my darkest hours of my life and yet they don't know it, haha. Ya Allah, words thank you are not enough to express my gratitude towards you. I shall not expect things from anyone else but You, and there is no way I'll be disappointed. Thanks for this lessons, ya Allah. :)

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