Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Legend of Korra

I watched Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Here's the review: 
The world is now at peace since Avatar Aang and Prince Zuko came together to unite all nations to become one. Now they live in Republic City where all benders of four elements live together in harmony. The story revolves around Korra, the next Avatar after Aang died and reincarnated to a young girl and a waterbender. Avatar- The Last Airbender was all about Aang trying to master other three elements except air bending and he had to hide his identity as Avatar or The Fire Nation would catch and kill him, while Avatar Korra has master all three elements, water, earth, and fire, and she's very proud of her identity as Avatar. Nonetheless, Korra faces difficulty to master air bending and she couldn't bring herself to meditate and meet the previous Avatars to ask for help. Moreover, she has to protect her country from Equalist, an anti-bender revolutionary group. The Equalists are non-benders led by a mysterious masked man, Amon. Their goal is to bring about "equality" between benders and non-benders, and Amon has the ability to remove a person's bending ability. It's almost impossible to believe since the only one who could possess such power is only the Avatar.

The Legend of Korra has more complicated story than The Legend of Aang. The world where Aang and his friends were fighting for their lives looks like a very ancient world compared to the world in Avatar Korra, LOL... It's really interesting everytime Aang shows up in the episodes of Avatar Korra as adult, hahaha. Which one do I like the most? Hmm... both story are great, but sure Avatar Kora has developed a lot in the plot, but The Legend of Aang has special impression for me. I always love Aang (and Prince Zuko!) but Korra and his new pals are great as well. I don't think I can really choose hahaha. 

Ah, I love Avatar :D

PS: I'll be leaving to East Java for Mudik. Happy Ied Mubarok to all Muslims. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin :D

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