Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm still a fangirl

I thought I would be able to stop becoming a fangirl because I have no time to open their fanbase anymore since I joined organization in my college. I thought I would be okay eventhough I couldn't keep up with their news anymore. But tonight, I was so bored so I decided to open my fandom again: Hey!Say!JUMP and NEWS. These are what I found...:

1. Hey!Say!JUMP released their second album called JUMP World
So, I downloaded the album immediately and found that most of the songs in the album are as great as in their first album. :"> How can I moved on if they keep making these beautiful musics?

2. Chinen plays as a lead character in a new romance dorama called Sprout
Sprout is a live adaption of a manga and you know what, I've read that manga when I was in highschool, hahaha. What a coincidence :P Fyi, Chinen looks so handsome in the drama whereas he usually looks like a pretty boy, hahaha. Btw, Hey!Say!7 is going to release another single for the soundtrack of this drama :')

3. Ryosuke Yamada is going to play the 4th generation of Detective Kindaichi!
Another detective role, hahaha.... Fyi he looks so handsome in black hair. I heard the writer of Kindaichi manga had been planned five years ago to use Yamada as Kindaichi, but at that time Yamada was too small. I'm so looking forward to this! :D

4. Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou, Yuya Takaki's dorama, is going to have movie adaption. 
And Yuya is going to have a love triangle with Kojima Haruna and Yuta Tamamori. OMG... Can you believe it? These three will make amazing story, hahaha :P

5. NEWS released their BEST Album and their new single called Chankapana
I have seen some gifs and screecraps of Chankapana's PV. There's a little foreign girl in it. It looks nice. I'll come with the review after I watch it. Anyway, the cover looks nice, right? Tegoshi is too bright with his hair, but they are look handsome and mature. NEWS come back... although I never expected they would become four, but whatever... NEWS come back!! :">

I probably won't be able to keep up with their news as often as I used to be, but my excitement towards them is still as big as ever. I can live without fangirling, but fangirling has given me interesting color in my life, haha, so when I stop, I felt a bit empty somewhere inside me. A little bit exaggerating, but it's true :)

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