Wednesday, July 4, 2012

From Bandung with Love

The title is kinda nonsense actually, I took it from a movie's title, hahaha. Me and my friends from PSM UIN Jakarta went to Bandung to participate in International Choir Festival 2012 for Folklore category which is held by ITB.

Bandung is just lovely. The weather. The city. The nature. The people, and many things about Bandung have make me falling in love. It's the first time I visited ITB and I think it is one of the coolest college ever. The college feels so homie and cozy. Anyway, our homestay is not too far from the competition place. We could take a walk to get ITB. In Bandung, Even if it's in the daylight, we still could feel the cool breeze. Compare it to Jakarta, it feels like I breathe a very healthy air while in Bandung hahaha. Fyi, the owner of our homestay are husband and wife who apparently work in ITB as lecturer and ITB choir couch. They're very friendly and they have two kids named Yuma and Thia. Those kids are too cute to resist and they get along with us so fast. 

In our free time, I went to many places with my choir friends, like Warung Pasta, Sushi Origami, ITB, Tamansari Seafood, CiWalk, Lansia Garden, Museum of Geology and Museum of Indonesia Post. We painted a lot of wonderful memories there. I couldn't stop capturing every moments with my camera. :') Anyway, PSM UIN Jakarta passed the elimination round and reached the Final. We felt a bit down at the elimination round actually because we felt like we hadn't show our best there yet, so when we knew that we passed to Final, we promised to pay our mistake. And we really did it. We were so filled with positive energy in the final day and we practiced harder than before. I think our team have done our very best too in the final, and because of it, we know that we have win the competition. What matters for me is not a competition where there's a winner and loser. For me, the best competition is when we could feel satisfied because we've done our best after the show. 

I am so glad to have a chance to participate in this competition. I have a chance to explore the beauty in my life. Allah loves me so much, I'm sure of it. Alhamdulillahirobbil alamin :)

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