Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It was my decision to start the journey, and I won't stop here. Maybe I just need more time to get used to this road. Maybe I need to be more understanding. Maybe I need to learn more about sincerity. Maybe I need to be more patient. I'm sure we'll make it through. I'm sure we'll find the way. The tears will stop falling. The pain will soon fade away. I just need to believe. I just need to learn to love unselfishly. No matter how much obstacles in front of me, I'll keep continue walking, even when I'm almost broken into pieces, I'll keep continue walking. 

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asriana syarifa septari said...

Eaaa yang baru jadian, wakakaka lucu deh :'3

Denisa said...

eeaaa yg udah lama jadian *eh
kok lucu sih.. nulisnya sambil berlinangan air mata lo #antiklimaks

asriana syarifa septari said...

wasseeek deh sambil berlinangan air mata, wakakaka :p
yah wajar sih kan suka emosional gitu, hihi :')
goodluck with your lovelife cha ;)

Denisa said...

yoi. anggap aja dinamika hidup ya haha :3
same wish goes for you too, Tari :D

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