Monday, July 2, 2012


I've never been this busy for these past few months. Since I joined PSM UIN Jakarta, I spend almost the whole time in college. Alhamdulillah, those activities I've been doing have taught me many things. I need to thank my parents for always supporting me in everything I do, even when they have to pick me up at 10 pm :')

Anyway, few days ago I came to Mabit Nurul Fikri for The Closing of Mabit 2012. I met some of my beloved Aroma friends. It felt so nostalgic. They've become very awesome, mature, cool adults, but they're still the same crazy people like they used to be. I was so happy to meet them again :)

FYI, PSM UIN Jakarta held a concert last Friday called Pasambahan PSM. It was a very simple concert but memorable as always. Thank God for blessing me with such a cool, awesome life. 

Me in the past was a person who love to do nothing and lazing around. I didn't want to involve myself in anything that would made me tired. But now, I've become a totally different person. I love working and I love what I'm doing. I love my routinity as college-student and an active member in organization. Alhamdulillah... :) I was just a normal, boring, ordinary person, but Allah has surround me with extraordinary friends. Thank You so much :D

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