Sunday, June 3, 2012

You Don't Know, But I Do

It was under the tree
Our first encounter
The sun was burning at that time
I remember you smiled
Then you asked my name
You probably don't remember
But I do

It was in a small room
Our first conversation
You smiled again
And for the first time I noticed
It was one of the sweetest smiles
You don't know
But I do

It was in the cold night
I heard you said those sweet things
The moon was shining bright
You were probably joking
But my feelings weren't
You don't know
But I do

It was in a sunny evening
You stopped talking to me
And then I cried 
Asking myself what did I do to you
Your silence killed me
You don't know
But I do

I love you
You don't know
But I do

"He ignores you, but you like him. He does nothing, yet you fall for him. You miss him, even though you know he has never thought about you."

"Many times i've been alone, and many times I've cried. Many ways you never know, the many ways i tried..."

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Anonymous said...

Super touchfull poem dear, romantic at the first but I never thought the ending would be like that :(

Following you, may to followme back, I'm happy if you want to be my friends :*

Denisa said...

Thank you :)
Sure, I'll follow you too.

gadistya.n said...

denisa, puisimu membuatku galau.

Denisa said...

ahaha kenapa kamu yg galaaau? harusnya kan aku xP

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