Saturday, May 26, 2012


It was three years ago when I met Mr. Wordless for the first time. At that time, I didn't even dream that we would become such a good friends. I was a fan of a movie that he was in, so I thought he was kind of unreachable since he was an actor of a big movie. I was wrong. It's been three years. I don't know how did it happened, but we are keeping contact with each other since our first meeting through internet and phone. Two years ago, I met him again in Belitung when I was travelled there. It was a short meeting though, but our friendship still continues until now. And finally, we met again today after two years. This is the first time we both together alone. We watched the Avengers (and it was soooo cool!!) and had dinner. I was kind of nervous at first because it's been a while since we met, but he was so humble and friendly, haha. I didn't expected that 😁 We talked a lot about many things. I promised him that I would treat him, but apparently it's the other way around because Mr. Wordless was the one who paid my popcorn and the food (because I ran out of money, LOL). I'll treat you next time, boi, haha. Anyway, it's funny when we look back to our history. Who would have thought that you and me will become friends? No one can expect what the future will bring to them. Nor you and me. It was a nice reunion. See you again... :)

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