Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Confession?

Someday in the future, when my feelings towards you is not as big as it is now, when I don't have any crush to you anymore, when I have stop feeling those awkward beats around my chest, I want to tell you this,

"I used to have a crush on you, I used to feel so nervous when you were around."

Someday in the future, when we have become good friends without any weird feelings towards each other, I want to tell you that you had been one of the most important person in my heart. The one whom I used to always thinking all day long. And after that 'confession', we both will be laughing together, saying how stupid we were. Someday in the future... I will confess my love to you, when both of us have become good comrades without any special feelings towards each other. Someday in the future, I will tell you that you once became one of the most important person. That you once became my prince charming.

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