Sunday, May 20, 2012

Long Weekend

These past four days had been so much fun for me. I got to meet my friends whom I had not seen for quite a while, such as my childhood friends and my highschool friends :D 

Thursday, May 17th
I went to Cilandak Town Square with my childhood friends, Kartika and Ema along with my parents and cousin.

We got to play with my niece, Kanaya, who is only one year old. She's very cute and hyperactive. It was fun to see her running to many places by herself due to her curiosity, hehe. 

Saturday, May 19th
I went to Ancol beach with Putri and Dewi. It's been a while since I met Dewi because she goes to different college. We didn't ride our own car so we had to take Transjakarta. We didn't know that there's free bus in Ancol for those who don't bring their own transportation, so we took a walk to reach the beach. It's a long journey, but we discovered many beautiful gardens and places. We eventually reached the beach though, and it was nice to feel the sea breeze again. :)

Well, I hope you have wonderful weekend too. Jaa~ 

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