Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Me and Coffee

As a girl, I really liked coffee. There aren't too many girls around me who like coffee as much as I do. I don't remember since when it's started, but I'm sure that it's when I was still in primary school that I tasted coffee for the first time. I don't only drink cappucino, latte, or other sweet coffees that most of people like. I drink black coffee too. Even the bitter one.

I liked coffee. When I was in Highschool, I had always drink coffee every morning from the canteen. A big cup of coffee. It helped me studied, hehehe. I liked coffee.

Then, I met you. You liked coffee too. When you found out that I'm a coffee lover as well, you started talking to me a lot. Since then, we often drink coffee together, even until now. Sometimes, from the same cup. I liked coffee, but since I met you, I became totally in love with coffee. You always come to me when I have a coffee in my hand. You always offer me a coffee when you're drinking it. I became totally in love with coffee, because of you.

credit to ohhboi@tumblr

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