Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Super Delicate PV

It's finally here...

The PV is all about dancing, modelling, and flawless human beings. There was no story in the PV, unlike Over or Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. The song itself is once again, one of the coolest song Hey!Say!JUMP ever released so far. It's catchier than Over in my opinion and a lot better than Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, hahaha. I like the choreography in Over better, but this one is not bad either. It's actually good, very good, but let the choreography being performed at live appearance only. Let us have something that we won't get to see in their Live performance, please!! Can't you be a bit more creative? -__-

I coudn't complain too much though, because the boys look extremely gorgeous in the PV. Each of them did a catwalk like a professional model and each of them got a single camera for themselves on the stage. All of them except Inoo. Yeah, seriously, the amount of spotlights Inoo got in here is getting less and less. Let's hope that Johnny-san did that because Inoo has almost finish his college so he's busy and wouldn't be able to get too much spotlights, haha. Yeah, lame reason, I know. Let's hope he won't do the same thing to our leader, Yabu-kun, who will start his new life as college student in Waseda University this April. Oh, and to Keito too. Haha, he doesn't get too much spotlights either. FYI, Keito got accepted into Shopia University in Japan. Let's hope he won't lose any spotlight because of this, haha. Omedetou, Keito!!!

Anyway, the other coupling songs in the single are good too. Go look for them in google, They are already all over the place now. Jaa, gotta do some assignment now!

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