Saturday, February 18, 2012

I kinda like JKT48...

Maybe I'm a little bias because JKT48 is Indonesia's girlband which produced by Japanese Music Industry, the sister of Japanese phenomenal girlband, AKB48, but trust me, I don't even like AKB. At all. I do like Maeda Atsuko, one of AKB members because she played in Ending Planner but not AKB48. I don't claim myself as JKT48 fan either, but I do admit that I like their version of Heavy Rotation. Both the song and the PV. AKB version of Heavy Rotation sounds too girly and cute. I don't know if AKB sing it that way in purpose or if they really have cute voice, but I don't like it, haha. Sorry, AKB.

Anyway, here's JKT48 version of Heavy Rotation. I like the PV. It's so Indonesia-ish, with those traffic, ojeg, kopaja, National highschool uniform, and Red White flag all over the place. They don't sound as cute as AKB but I think I like it better, hehe.

And here's AKB48 version of Heavy Rotation. Of course, nothing beats the original, but I'm not a fan of bikini and cute stuff so I prefer JKT48 version, haha. You have your own judgement.

That's all for today. Jaa~

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