Monday, January 23, 2012

PSM UIN Jakarta - 2 Decades

Less than a month of preparation for the celebration of PSM 20th Anniversary, but we managed to get everything done nicely. Us, Maximilian, were working on this project passionately because we wanted to show our gratitude towards our seniors in PSM who have created such a great organization and teach us about many things, not only about music and arts, but also about life. Really, the lessons I've got from PSM until today are things I will always treasure... Thank You! :) 

First performance, we sang 'Tadarus' conducted by our awesome senior, Kak Ginta

A performance from one of the oldest senior in PSM, Kak Yuuki, who was singing while playing flute beautifully. He sang Love of My Life and You Raise Me Up. A very nice performance, indeed.

Iwan Buana as the founder of PSM UIN Jakarta shared his wish for his organization :)

After the Show!!


 Memories can be forgotten
But we keep painting it over and over again
So that it will remain in our hearts
And together, we sketch our history under the stars
-PSM UIN Jakarta - 2 Decades

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