Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

The title says it all....

My New Year's Eve was rather ordinary with just me and two of my bestfriends, Kartika and Revina. Usually, in previous years, we would spent the new year's eve with other 4 people, Dianti, Mara, Kiki, and Ema, but this year, they couldn't participated. We felt a bit lonely at first but I think we still had the same amount of fun as previous years. Kartika and Revina were sleepover at my house. We went to my Auntie's house too because they hold BBQ party there. We didn't buy fireworks or something and prefer to watch the fireworks from my neighbor's house, lol. 

If there is one thing I like the most about New Year's Eve, then it would be the Fireworks party. I love it when the dark sky is decorated with so many beautiful fireworks.

Thanks to these two girls, my New Year's Eve didn't feel too lonely. Friends are the best thing, indeed.

Tanoshikatta.... :D
When most people tend to make New Year's resolution, I don't make any. I think I'm going to let it flow again. If I have to make any wish, I'd wish that this year is not really the end of the world, haha. Let's hope for better, brighter future and let's do our best again in 2012. 

Happy New Year!

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