Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home Alone...

Yeah, my family members except me are going to Blok-M now. They didn't left me, but I'm the one who chose to stay. I use this free time to download many J-videos and watched new Jdramas on dramacrazy. 

1. Risou no Musuko

Yamada and Yuto's drama which has started airing a few days ago. I just finished watching the first episode. There's no subtitles yet but I've laughed in many parts, but there were also parts who got me cried a bit, hahaa. A very nice starter. Yamada played quite different character compared to his previous roles (mostly all of them are as detective). I enjoyed his mother complex. And Yuto played as another boy who has mother complex too. I'm sure will keeping up with upcoming episodes.

PS: Super Delicate which is Hey!Say!JUMP's new single is really a good song. It's a soundtrack for Risou no Musuko. Can't wait until they release it :D

2. Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikatta

Yamapi and Chinen's drama. It has different genre from Risou no Musuko. Chinen played as university student whereas in real life, he hasn't graduate from highschool yet, hahaha. And Yamapi played as..... the oldest brother. To be honest, his role is quite the same with his previous dramas (all except in Nobuta wo Produce and Proposal Daisakusen). I hope his character will develop later in the drama. There's no subtitle yet so I skipped a lot of parts because it was a bit boring. Maybe because I don't understand what they're saying and this is not comedy drama so I was so serious when watching it, haha. Hopefully my thought will change after I watched it again with subtitle, hehe.

3. Hungry

Because Miori Takimoto is the lead actress, and because this is Shori Sato's first drama, I decided to give it a try. It turns out to be a very very enjoyable drama. Osamu Mukai as the lead actor played as a chef of Franch cuisine who doesn't know how to behave as a chef. He has skills and his cooking is amazing, but he doesn't have 'what it takes' to be a professional chef.  A bunch of guys from a rock band who learn to be a professional chef is really interesting. I was starving while watching this drama. So many foods! I'll be keeping up with upcoming episodes too. :D

Now, I'm going to watch a dorama that I got from Tyas a few days ago. Nice Sunday. Jaa~

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