Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, De Nanda (15)

Fifteen years ago, I was running with Mas Inu to a clinic near our house. We wanted to see our little brother who had just born. It's you, Muhammad Rezananda Trimulya. I was only 5 years old when you was born. The first impression that I got when I first saw you inside that mirror box, "Oh, he's so small. I have a little brother. I become big sister now..."

And let's spread it to the world that you haven't aqil balig yet, eventhough you're already 15 now, a first year highschool student, hahaha. Your voice still sounds like little boy and your adam's apple hasn't shown up yet. Maybe that's why your height doesn't increase too much, haha. That's because you're busy playing video games all the time when most of boys around your age have already been in love. Seems like you don't have any interest in girls or love. Very weird, haha. The things that you like are also weird. You like Japanese musics (my influence!!), you like Japanese boybands, but don't like girlbands when normal boys are usually more interested in girlbands than boybands -__- The book you read is something that will never be read by me or Mas Inu: Japan and Chinese histories. You even bought one book that cost Rp250.000 and that book is about Kingdom of China. But I think that's pretty cool, yo, because you're different from other kids. And unlike me who's so unpopular, you are known by many people around our house. I think all neighbors know who are you, haha. That's also pretty cool.

You don't want to be called little kid, yet you still acting like 7 years old boy. Be a little more mature please, bro!! You're a highschool student after all. Anyway, Happy Birthday. May all the best go with you. Please learn to eat by yourself. From now on, too, do your best. Don't play too much. If you want to be a football player, go find any good football school and sign up! If you want to increase your English skills, don't be lazy when Mom tell you to go to course. Keep improve your skills as you're growing up and show to our big brother that you can be cooler than him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRO! :D

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