Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fun in the Last Exam!

Today is the last day of my final exam. I'm studying Journalism in college now and today we got to shoot a Talk Show as our last project for the final exam of TV and Radio subject. Pretty awesome, huh? B-) 

My classmates were divided into three groups and each groups have to make a talk show video which include two commercial breaks in it. My group had finished the commercial breaks a few days ago (and those are the most absurd commercials I've ever seen, ahahaha!!) I played as a ghost in one of the commercial break, and I played it quite brilliantly, I guess... :P And today me and the whole classmates were shot the talk show part. It was full of fun. I really enjoyed it. And I got to sing at the ending of my group's talkshow. I was really nervous. I still don't have enough confidence to perform in front of many people, even after those choir training, but I think I'm not as nervous as I used to be. But still... I couldn't help but kept closing my eyes as I was singing, ahaha. What a unprofessional singer xP
the heels I wore made me feel even more nevous >.<
it's a wraaaap....~
I'm so glad that my relationship with my classmates has getting better than before. I was so shy and never really talked properly with them, but it has been more than a year we are together. I want to treasure people in my life and I started open myself little by little to them. Hopefully this friendship will keep develop as the time goes by. Ahaha wish us luck and get a high scores for this exam (and the other exams as well!!).

Btw, I welcome you warmly, Holiday! Be great... >.o

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