Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Warmth in A Rainy Day

Mabit always has a special place in my heart. Mabit always gives me a warm feeling whenever I'm back to that place after a long journey of my adventures. Today, too, I felt that kind of warmth again...

So, today is the first Saturday of 2012 and I was invited to join in an event which was held by Department of History. Because last year I also attended this event and it was always fun to be in it, and I also wanted to see the faces of Mabiters  of 2012, me and some fellow friends who are alumni of Mabit Nurul Fikri finally went to this Museum called Museum Gajah. Department of History held their final exam there. I was filled with nostalgic feelings while watching those Mabiters who were studying seriously. Also, it felt nice to see Mabiters of 2011 who have become teachers. Btw, here are some pictures of our trip in the Museum.

I took most of the pictures because camera is my guilty pleasure. I couldn't help it. I love photography and I prefer to take pictures than to be the one who get photographed, so no wonder if I have the least pictures in any photos album. That camera was Maulida's but I was the one who hold it all the time, hehehe.

We got caught in the rain. The weather these days seems unfriendly. Me, Maulida, and our seniors, Kak Farce, Fatimah, and Khodija decided to go back earlier while the other mabiters were still in the middle of their exam. Actually, the five of us went to McD nearby. It was fun too because my seniors are probably three of the most hilarious people in the universe. With them, I will always be laughing. More than that, all of us are into Japanese boybands (I influenced them, actually xP) so we kept talking about the same topic all the time, hahaha. 

It was a fun Satuday. I was surrounded by warm people. The cold weather didn't felt too cold because of their existence. I think tomorrow will be fun too. I already have some plans. Looking forward to it.

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