Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just A Quick Entry Because I'm Feel Like Writing Now...

Hello, Fellas.... 

Actually, I'm supposed to do my communication assignment right now because the deadline is tomorrow, yet I haven't done any bits of it. I have to write about 5 papers. I don't know how I'm gonna do it in a very short time, lol. Once a deadliner, always deadliner :P Sorry for being so lazy, but I promise I will do it after I finish this brain meditation, hahaha. Btw, I met Tyas, Maya, and Dewi today. It's been a while. We had a lot of fun talking about many things. Mostly about what each of us have been up to, although me and Tyas were talking about Japanese things most of the time, hahaha.

Today, I also finished watching Proposal Daisakusen, Yamapi's drama. I really want to review it, but definitely not now since I have to prioritize my assignment first. I'm more excited to review this drama now, though, but I just can't :P  

Me and Tyas visited Nurul Fikri too because we wanted to meet kak Doloy to exchange our dorama collections, lol. Then, we met some new mabiters there. Aaa... it's been a while too. Always feels like coming home whenever I come to NF :)

It's 22.53 now. Midnight is getting closer. Yabaaai..... I have to do my assignment now. But wait until this Kirameki no Kanata E song finish, lol... This post is very random. I don't even know why am I still keep writing these unimportant lines. I'm just feel like writing now. Before I go, I want to say GET WELL SOON to Gadis and Mia's father. Sorry, I still can't find time to pay a visit!! The song has just over. Time to do my assignment. Jaa nee~ 

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