Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sayonara, Ryutaro!

I guess it's official. His name is no longer in Hey!Say!JUMP's page on Johnny's web. There is no better clarification than this. When a JE member left his respective group, their name will be deleted from its respective page. That's what happened to Uchi, Kusano, Yamapi, and Ryo in NEWS, and Akanishi Jin in KAT-TUN. And this time, I'm not really surprised when I heard about it. Back in July, when I heard that Ryutaro was suspended due to underage smoking, I cried a lot, but I still had high hope that someday he would return to Hey!Say!JUMP after his suspension finished. A month ago, Yamapi and Ryo left NEWS. I cried again, and I learned something: don't put your hope too high on idols. You can't expect them to be something you wanted them to be. So, I gradually learn to accept the fact that NEWS is 4 members now. And now, Ryutaro also left the group (or being kicked out by Johnny, I don't know and I will never know), but I didn't cry. I'm tired of crying for these kind of matters over an idol. But somewhere deep in my heart, I'm feel like something is missing. I'm sad, but my tears won't fall. Ryutaro is not my favorite, but HSJ without him is indeed, different. Hey!Say!JUMP has ten letters, and divided into two subgroups, BEST and 7, each subgroups has 5 members. That's the concept of Hey!Say!JUMP. Now, without Ryutaro, is it mean that there won't be BEST and 7 anymore? I don't know. Time will tell. Now, I can only hope the best for them, for JUMP and Ryutaro. Leaving the group doesn't mean the end of his world. Maybe he would someday back to entertainment world as soloist, and maybe that's the best for him since he didn't get the spotlights as much as he deserves. Time will tell us and time will heal our pain of losing him as a part of JUMP. He's a member who will forever be missed. Ganbatte, Hey!Say!JUMP. Ganbatte, Ryutaro. Thank you for being our little hamster for these past 4 years :')

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