Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Challenge Awaits

Today I received the result for my audition last week. Fyi, I signed up for University Student Choir (PSM aka Paduan Suara Mahasiswa) in my university and alhamdulillah, I got accepted. My bestfriend, Putri, also got accepted, and I'm glad that I will have her to be my company in this new activity. The schedules for PSM are quite a lot. I was like, "Oh no, I won't have a chance to sleep at noon anymore.." when I found out what's waiting for me for the upcoming months and maybe, years. Will I survive in this Choir? I hope I will. I've got accepted and once I'm given this opportunity, I won't let it become a waste. Besides, Putri will be with me, and as long as I have my bestfriend around, I'm going to be just fine. This is also mean that I will be more busy than before, because I have college, Mabit, and PSM in my hand. Now I'm thinking about it, I realized that these tasks won't be easy. Maa, Ganbarimasu!! I want to fill the time in my youth with useful things, therefore I have to take every challenge in front of me as much as possible, so I will carve good memories in the future and I can become a cool adult. Singing and music aren't new things for me, and I want to use the talents that God has given to me to the fullest. Thanks to many awesome people around me, you've inspired me to be a better and cooler person. Wish me luck, guys~ 

Be Heat Revolution, yes, just as you dreamt
You will not be stopped
Be Cool Revolution, yes, without giving up
Continue on believing
The passionate heart is your Shining Road

This song suddenly popped up in my mind as I'm writing this, haha~ =D

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