Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mahou no Melody PV (Tegomass)

You can download the PV in here at Tegomassmatsuri's page. It is open for everyone~

Actually, this PV came out a month ago, and I intended to post about it earlier, but I kept bothered by other things. Anyway, this PV is from their 3rd album, Tegomasu no Mahou. The song has Tegomass's style. Like their previous songs, this song is also catchy, beautiful, and quite easy listening, my kind of music, hahaha. I absolutely love this song. The music has some kind of orchestra style. Tegomass's voices and harmony never failed to amaze me. <3

The PV is interesting. So, Tegoshi and Masu are pilots (?) and they are building their own plane, but they kept failing to make the plane able to fly. Fyi, it's not the usual plane we have in aiport. Actually, the plane is kinda unique and cute, just like Tegomasu, haha... :P It was so cute when Tegoshi cried after he tried to fly the plane by himself but ended up fell down, and the same thing happened to Masu, hahaha! Anyway, there are so many fanservices for Tegomasu's lovers in this PV. Tegoshi looks so pretty. I know he has pretty face, but this time he looks totally like a girl. It's like watching a duet between boy and girl because Tegoshi acts so cute and spoiled towards Masu. I'd rather see him act like gentleman -_- Oh well, still love him, though. I love their costumes when they're singing with band. Actually, those costumes are weird, but I like it, hehe. Overall, the concept is so far so good, and I love the part when they're flying in the sky. It looks nice~

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