Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Isaka and Maximilian

Today was totally exhausting. It feels really nice now that I already on my bed. Today was supposed to be my day off, but one of my teacher asked my class to come to college because we had to go to PUTIKNAS. It is a broadcasting studio in UIN, and me and my classmates had fun there. We learned many things about Television and broadcasting in a real place with those awesome cameras and stuffs. :D

Today was also the first day of my activity in PSM UIN Jakarta. I'll be spending about 5 hours in college from 4.00 pm until 9.00 pm every day. Even in Monday, I have to spend about 10 hours, from 7.00 am until 5.00 pm. It'd be so exhausting, but today was fun. We learned how to read musical notes, etc. I had learned about this stuff in elementary school, but I've forgot about it, hahaha... so it's nice to learn it again. Reading musical notes is fun and makes me understand music even more. We also learned how to do conducting. It was quite difficult to sing and conducting at the same time. We have to feel the music so we could make a good rhyme with our hands. It was indeed interesting. Btw, I'll be really busy for a month because I haven't become a member of PSM officially yet. We have to be able to through all these lessons in a month without breaking the rules and I have to pass the mid-test too. I need to work hard and put all my effort into it because I really want to be in PSM. Of course all those strict rules are somewhat annoying, but I need to sacrifice things to get the things I want, right? Besides, Mabit had taught me how to survive in such strict and difficult circumstances, so I'll show them that I'll through this perfectly! Ganbarimasu!!

Oh, there's a funny and interesting rule in PSM UIN Jakarta. All members of PSM must have a new name made by our seniors. We must use this name when we're in PSM activities and all members of PSM must call us with those new names. My PSM name is Isaka. They said this name has a nice meaning, but when I look for it in google, I only found out that this is a name of a town. Haha, anyone could tell me what it means? I kinda like it, though. It sounds like Japanese name :3 And every generation has their own name too, just like what I had in mabit: Auxiliary 2010. And my PSM generation name is: Maximilian. It means strong fighter, or something like that.

Well, I already have quite a lot of nicknames since I was a kid: my family called me Ade, and they have never called me with my name, not even once. My cousins called me Andria, from Rosandria. My school friends called me Denisa. My childhood friends called me Nisa. My mabit friends called me Caca. And now, my PSM friends will be calling me Isaka. Oh well, as long as you don't call me with any animals names, I'm fine haha. Well, that's all for today. Please use the time in your youth to the fullest too, so you won't regret it when you're getting old. Haha, oyasuminasai! :D

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